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Power harrow mounted fertilizer drill PM FD, PM FD-hf

Power harrow mounted grain and fertiliser drill is designed for sowing grain with granulated fertiliser, this is by means of individual metering devices independently adjustable according to customeres wishes. The seed drill is designed for mounting onto soil cultivation equipment for example rotary harrows, spring tine cultivators etc. It is possible to use the seed drill sowing grain only without fertiliser.

Basic types:

  • PM FD 3000, PM FD 4000
  • PM FD 4000-hf (hydraulic folding 3 m)

Standard equipment:

  • frame with fixed parallelogram arm
  • hopper capacity granulated fertiliser 600 l, for grain 500 l, with possibility to extend to 950 l, and 650 l
  • 2 x metering device, 1 x ventilator
  • 1000 RPM mechanical drive of the fan with an inbuilt centrifugal clutch
  • hydraulic operated disc markers adjustable for tractor wheel marking
  • mechanical coulter pressure adjustment
  • coulter options: suffolk, band, disc, disc DD
PMFD 4000 AGF PMFD fertiliser drill
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PM FD 4000  
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