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Cultivator MISTRAL C

The cultivator type C is designed for cultivating the soil prior to sowing as a following operation after primary tillage or ploughing.

The cultivator is possible to be operated in all types of soil in suitable conditions. The depth and quality of the seedbed produced is adjusted by adjusting the depth of the levelling bar and tines.

The combination of cultivator type C and seed drill type PM, PMS are available 3 and 4 m working widths.

Basic types:

  • C 3000 (working width 3 m)
  • C 4000 (working width 4 m)

Standard equipment:

  • depth adjustable levelling bar
  • 2 lines of S-ploughshares (total 19 or 27 pieces)
  • 2 lines of crubly rollers (total 19 or 27 pieces)

The additional accessories of cultivator C 3000 and C 4000 consists of:

  • hauling ploughshares
  • spiral ploughshares
  • pipe roller (instead of crumbly rollers)
  • packer roller
C 4000 C 4000
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